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We are actively looking for new sites and land in the Sussex, Kent and Surrey area, after we have accepted offers on all three of our beautiful Golden Green Homes  


Ashurst Homes News – Welcome To Our New Website

It’s so exciting to write our first news post for our revitalized website.  Although it is rather an interesting time to be writing about anything.  Of course what has loomed large over 2020 has been the Pandemic and everyone in any business has had to adjust.  For property developers it has been no less of a rollercoaster ride.  

 We started our Pandemic finalising the sale of one of our lovely properties at Pixie wood.  We were exchanging and completing on the same day which is always an experience for any house purchaser.  Our purchasers had sold their previous house with the aim of spending 3 nights in a hotel before picking up the keys.  A lot happened in those three days for the UK, we entered complete lockdown on the 23rd of March.  All of society was grappling with what ‘lockdown’ meant for their lives.  By the 25th the government were advising all house sales that had not exchanged should halt.  With a tremendous amount of work from everyone working remotely we did manage to secure their exchange and completion and move for our new buyers.  If this had failed we had a contingency of renting the property to them.  It just showed that this year it has been about flexibility in the workplace and compassion for those around us.

Whilst we had to be flexible with this sale we have been very fortuitous that our building projects have not been so affected by the pandemic.  Our teams have been able to work for the majority of the time and our latest project (Golden Green) is on schedule.  Like everyone however we are just starting to feel the effects of a lack of materials, first it was loo rolls, then it was pasta, now it is driveway stones and furniture for our show home! Talking of show homes Golden Green is almost done and we are bursting with enthusiasm to show these to prospective buyers and interested parties.  Please get in touch if you wish to view!

We are also proud to announce our new development.  A superb unique development in the heart of the Kent countryside in the village of Hunton.  The houses here will be ready in the Autumn of 2021.

So exciting times for Ashurst Homes but we are hoping maybe some calmer times for everyone.  Happy Christmas to all and a Happy New Year, from our whole team.  We can’t wait to continue building beautiful homes in the coming year.

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