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We are actively looking for new sites and land in the Sussex, Kent and Surrey area, after we have accepted offers on all three of our beautiful Golden Green Homes  


If you missed out the first time…

We have always been very proud of our development at ‘Pixie Wood’ in Felbridge. The homes there are so individual and have a lovely setting. As with a number of developments, a few years down the line the development has continued to be a lovely space with all the residents taking particular pride in their homes. It doesn’t often happen but we are now pleased to announce that the 4th and final home in this development is being built. It will formally go up for sale very soon but in the mean time we are so excited to see this home begin to take shape. We have always felt that ‘The Granary’ as it is named will finish off this idyllic spot on the edge of the village of Felbridge. Our chaps are more than happy to be working back on this site and as ever are very conscious to keep the disruption to a minimum – after all the neighbours are all clients of ours! We are also all so excited about the finishes in this home. Every home at Pixie wood has a different layout and design and we look at every detail to create a home owners will love. I know, I know this all sounds like a sales pitch – and if you are in the market for a 4 bedroom beautiful home on the edge of a village, close to amenities yet feeling very rural then that is exactly what it is. You are welcome to get in contact. However, if you are not this is just a note to say we are happy to be building here again and soon this will make a beautiful home for a lovely family to make memories in.

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If you missed out the first time... 2

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