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We are actively looking for new sites and land in the Sussex, Kent and Surrey area, after we have accepted offers on all three of our beautiful Golden Green Homes  

Alder House 3

In to February we go

Surely the country over we are breathing a collective sigh of relief to get out of January 2021. The coldest January for 10 years, and what seems like the wettest as well. We have continued to build throughout. New precautions seem to come at as all the time and whilst we are working on the outskirts of one of the highlighted postcodes for the variant of Covid we are keeping our chaps safe by asking them to forward plan their requirements even more than usual and shop closer to home not near our site. With every week though, the news is getting better, and we all hope for some normality.

There has been much news this week about the planning process and making sure new developments are in keeping with their local areas. We are keeping a close eye on this because we are all for developments working with their environment. Perhaps in the next few weeks I will write a bit more about this as further information trickles through.

With all our properties under offer at Golden Green and the conversations we are having with our buyers it lead me to reflect on why buy a new property. Well as I see it you get a property that can be a home straight away. The joy of everything working and brand new. The comfort of the build warranties and guarantees that come with your home. Efficient homes made with up-to-date practises. The blank canvas to mark your stamp on. At Ashurst Homes our aim is always to bring a personal service to your purchase as well. It is a juxtaposition that often with your most expensive purchase in your life their is no aftercare. At Ashurst Homes that has to be a plus. If you need to understand your house a bit better, from the paint colours on the walls for matching purposes, or how the heating works then our answer is our home purchasers pack with all the information and someone at the end of the phone as well.

A new home is hassle free , is a new beginning and will be the start of new memories. That is something I think we will all be looking forward to this year!

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