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We are actively looking for new sites and land in the Sussex, Kent and Surrey area, after we have accepted offers on all three of our beautiful Golden Green Homes  

Golden Green

What a week it has been!

So I had a lovely blog all ready to be posted last week and it never got on our website.  The reason being for Ashurst Homes we have had a fantastically frantic week.  We have accepted offers on our two remaining properties at Golden Green.  So, all three properties are under offer and we are now in the process of working hard to ensure exchange and completion are as smooth as possible and our aim to beat the Stamp Duty Holiday.  (Only tax rates are taking holidays at the moment as we all still grapple with the Covid restrictions in place!!)  We are genuinely pleased that these homes are being sold to families that are excited about their next move.  As part of our service, we keep in touch with the buyers until they have completed.  We find that this communication irons out any worries that people have.   Unless they don’t want us there we always try to be on hand for viewings, not only so we can answer any questions but feedback is so important to us.  Of course, we enjoy the positive rather than the negative feedback but I would urge all viewers to give their honest opinions as this is the way we can move our products forward.  Having said that, I don’t think we have had any negative feedback to work with at Golden Green.  Even our construction team have had many compliments about how welcoming they are to guests on site and are happy to answer any questions.  Our chaps on site know that they are the face of the business.  Anyway, if all goes to plan from purchasing the site to selling these homes will have been within 15 months.  So, our investors will also be happy!

We have been delighted that landowners have been starting to contact us through our website.  We are always so happy to be approached.  It is really interesting to visit new places that may become new homes and we are always happy to look at places already with planning, permitted development or if people have ideas of selling their land.  It is great to hear the stories of what particular parcels of land or disused buildings have been used for in the past and to think that we may be able to carry on the story for future use.  Many times people have fond memories of the place they are selling and we are very conscious of this and of local residents.  A case in point would be our Hunton site.  We built a strong relationship with the seller of this land and we know that he had such fond memories of the time he spent in the existing buildings restoring classic cars.  He is always welcome on the site for a chat now as is anyone in the local area.  Our aim is always to be a considerate neighbour during our builds.

If you are a looking to sell you land in the Surrey/ Sussex/ Kent border areas please get in touch.  If only for a quick call to understand what we would do with your land, we might just give you some ideas that you can take forward with your professional advisors.  If you have not got advisors yet we have a host of professionals we use that we can get you in touch with.

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